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Fireworks Arcade really isn't much more than a toy that lets you fool around with fireworks, with the barest resemblance of a game included in its Arcade modes. Its displays are mesmerizing though, and the amazing tilt gravity feature adds so much to the impact. If only there were more substance to it, and if only the ads were not so intrusive, it would be so much more.
Enjoy an amazing fireworks display right in the palm of your hand with Fireworks Arcade.

With Fireworks Arcade, you'll get to create fireworks shows with just the touch of a finger, dragging or tapping to make magnificent explosions of light and sound. Play with several modes, whether you want to relax by painting your own fireworks show, or just watch a generated show without having to do anything.

Fireworks Arcade also features 3 arcade modes with multiple variations on gameplay, high scores, and familiar and new experiences alike. The game has a great fireworks physics simulation where every firework is unique, and you can tilt your phone to affect the gravity of the world.

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