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Bring back your memories from film negatives with FilmBox by Photomyne for iPhone.

If you have some film negatives lying around and have no way to develop them, you can scan them in your iPhone with FilmBox by Photomyne.

Using the power of AI, this app takes your hidden negatives and the memories it stored into the light as it is revealed, scanned and even saved right in your device. The scanning algorithm in the app inverts the colors automatically and also enhances the image so you what you get are clear scans of your negatives.

Just open a backlight source, hold the film strip in front of the light vertically, long press the capture button on your phone and see the magic happen as your negatives gets scanned and revealed on screen.

The app has an optional in app subscription and a One Time Plan that is valid for a multi year period.

Scan your negatives with FilmBox by Photomyne for iPhone.

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