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Freeing your device of files with Files by Google for Android.

If you need to free up a lot of space in your Android device, you need to have storage manager to help you in that regards. One storage manager is Files by Google.  This app works fast and easy as it takes just a few taps in your screen to free up space. You cam delete memes and old photos from chat apps, remove duplicate files, clear cache, erase unused apps and more.

You can also use the app to check how much free space you have remaining in your phone and SD card. Transferring from phone to SD card and vice versa can also be done in this app.

Sharing files in this app is also possible even offline at speeds up to 125 Mbps and secured with WPA2 encryption. The app also use filters in order to look for files faster.

Manage files with Files by Google for Android.

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