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About FiLMiC Pro Evaluator

Evaluate your Android camera if it can handle the full potential of the FiLMiC Pro app's features on your smartphone with FiLMiC Pro Evaluator.

FiLMiC Pro Evaluator is a free app for Android which helps you analyze if the FILMIC Pro is right for your smartphone and determine what's your phone's capabilities are and what features it can carry. The app will list down the features and settings it will & can perform when the app is installed and then you'll see what you can do and maybe cannot do if the app is installed.

Moreover, the FILMIC Pro will push your device's capabilities and adds additional control on your camera so as to be more compatible as much as it can with the app that makes you able to use  high quality cinema capture hardware.

Download the FiLMiC Pro Evaluator now and analyze your device to see what it can do or not do with the FiLMiC Pro app in your smartphone.

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