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Start greeting occasions with greeting cards with Felt Cards for the iPhone.

Before technology has made everything fast, easier and convenient to send messages and greetings during various occasions like birthdays, people used to send greeting cards, handmade or store bought. bring back the love of greeting cards with Felt Cards for the iPhone. This app brings personal and real handwritten cards right from your device. The cards are of 4x4.5 Polaroid style cards using premium Mohawk paper and Kraft envelopes. You can also create accordion style cards, multiple card frames come with micro perforations, gift cards can be added and more.

You use this app to have somebody else make greeting cards for you. You get to pick the design or use a photo from your library, write a personal message and send to more trhan one person a card.

Send cards like you greet people with Felt Cards for the iPhone.

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