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FeedDemon is a free downloadable RSS Feed reader for Windows-based PC. RSS feeds sends information on latest blog or website updates directly to users once subscribed. It usually headlines short descriptions or links and the RSS feed reader gathers the feeds that interest its users and display them.

eases the task of gathering feeds by displaying it in a single level Windows Explorer-like tree view and keep track of the most feed the users read or interact with which helps in sorting and prioritizing information.

Users can also set up news watches on areas of interest, set up news bins, adjust feed and folder properties, and enable NewsGator online feed station. In addition, FeedDemon also features Google Reader Synchronization so users can use it anytime and anywhere and keep the feed, tags and shared items synced in between locations. It can also automatically download audio files and copy them on iPod or other media device with its Podcast integration. 

Overall, FeedDemon provides an amazing combination of simplicity and flexibility for organizing and sorting feeds. It generally manages everything within a single interface that makes it comfortable especially for users who often surf the net for updates and news blogs.

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