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With lush 3D graphics and improved gameplay over the original, Zynga's Farmville 2 is a worthy successor to one of the most famous and popular Facebook games of all time. The game features a wider variety of things to do, and feels far more like a "farming" game than the original, which quickly ran out of activities and generally boiled down into a farm size contest between your friends. The vibrant graphics pop out of the screen and bring the game to life, making every farm a joy to explore.
Dive into the virtual countryside and relive your passion for the simple living with Farmville 2, a free game by Zynga, Inc.

Farmville 2 is the sequel to the wildly popular Farmville. Like its predecessor, Farmville, the game has players tapping about to collect crops, harvest plants and animals, build new farm buildings, and craft more lucrative items by combining various resources.

You can join a Farm Co-op to trade and share resources with friends, as well as visit their farms.

Farmville 2 lets you customize your farm with various decorative items, buildings, and even adorable animals like a farm dog.

The sequel also has new activities, like fishing at Pike's Landing, gardening, and a coastal escape.

Farmville 2 features vibrant new 3D graphics that truly bring your farm to life like never before, with unique building designs, colorful characters, and plenty of animations like swaying crops and gently moving water.

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