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About Farming Simulator 18

Be a modern day farmer in Farming Simulator 18 for iPhone.

Being a farmer is no walk in the park as without farming, there would be no crops, no food for us to eat at home, in restaurants and else where. Be one in Farming Simulator 18 and immerse yourself in the agricultural business and harvest many kinds of crops and livestock in a huge open market.

There are over 50 farming vehicles and machines to use in your farm and each are recreated from over 30 of the biggest names like Challenger, Valtra, Massey Ferguson and Fendt. The tractors and trucks are all realistic, A.I. helpers, 3D graphics, front loader attachments, local multiplayer mode and more.

There are 6 different crops to harvest, pigs to breed, cows and sheep to raise and sell milk and wool. You can also harvest wood and sell the timer for extra cash.

Get this game for $4.99.

Keep farming in Farming Simulator 18 for iPhone. 

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