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FamilyWall's idea of a little family social network is actually workable, despite existing tools in larger social networks that provide similar features, and this app delivers by emphasizing collaboration and location reporting as its main features. These two work very well, in contrast to the lukewarm but serviceable posting and sharing features that FamilyWall appropriates from other social networking sites.
Establish a micro social network within your family through your iPhone with FamilyWall.

FamilyWall provides you with a virtual space in which you and your family can communicate privately with each other.

With the app, you may share important things such as photos, appointments, schedules, activities, events, to-do-lists, and more, as well as collaborate on things that matters to you all. You can also share important contacts, and even provide your location in real-time to everyone in the network.

FamilyWall gives a shared calendar that links to everyone's shared events and appointments. It also provides users with a SOS button, to automatically alert all of your family members where you are. You may also create a check-in lists for point of interests and through this you may view the last check-in/out times for all the family members.

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