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Send a space rocket to the moon in Faily Rocketman for iPhone.

Phil wants to celebrate the moon landing and there is nothing bigger than recreating that event by building your own rocket and sending it to the moon. That is exactly what happens in Faily Rocketman for iPhone.

Phil may lack the background and qualifications in building of the space rocket, but he has you to help him. This is a physics based endless runner where you must guide the rocket as it flies higher and higher until it has reached space and towards the moon. You must break through many things in the atmosphere like planes, birds, storm clouds, hang gliders, helicopters, hot air balloons and more.

If your rocket makes it to space, there there meteors, satellites, asteroids and many space debris that you must avoid as well.  There are many pickups to help boost your rocket like lazers, shields and fuel.

There are more than 12 rockets that you can upgrade.

take a rocket and send it to the moon in Faily Rocketman for iPhone.

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