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Play a living board game in Faeria.

A digital collectable card game that can be played in your computer with a "living" board game concept is Faeria.

Here, players battle each other in one on one fights that take place on an empty hex board with 2 vying avatars placed om different sides of the app. The board also features 4 Faeria or mana wells at the other corners of the board. Each player gets to have a deck of 30 cards to begin. They take turns in drawing cards and gain mana points.

Your goal is to reduce the health of your opponents to zero. The game also features different modes of gameplay, lost of single player content, in game currency and more.

You can play in tournaments in this game as well as participate in monthly official e-sport competitions.

Go deeper and make sense of your deck, cards and mana in Faeria.

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