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The official Facebook app for Android continues to get improvements with every update, but the feature bloat goes up along with those improvements. It consumes a huge amount of space on your device storage, and eats up a lot of system resources to the point of frequent crashes on even upper-midrange phones. That said, it remains a very easy and convenient way of accessing your Facebook account, and its extensive list of social networking features is incredibly useful.
Facebook for Android is the official app for accessing the popular Facebook social networking platform.

With over a billion monthly active users, Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites in the world. Through the official app, accessing and managing your Facebook account has never been easier and more convenient.

Facebook lets you quickly post status updates, photos, videos, and share links with your friends. An easy-to-use news feed interface lets you see what your friends are doing and sharing. Use Facebook in conjunction with Facebook Messenger to send and receive private messages with your friends and contacts.

You can also play games within the app, backup your photos online, watch live videos and broadcast your own, buy and sell, follow artists and companies, and everything else that you can do on the Facebook site.

An extensively customizable notification system keeps you up-to-date with everything important. Get notified when people comment on your posts, be reminded of upcoming events, and be updated in your Groups. You don't have to be notified of every single thing, as you can disable notifications that you don't want to receive.

Facebook also lets you use your favorite Facebook apps and games, and connect with other users.

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