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Facebook Messenger continues to improve and innovate as the app matures. It takes on messaging giants like Viber and Skype while strengthening its connection with the core Facebook experience. With voice and video calling, easy media sharing, the very useful Chat Heads interface, and additional tie-in applications like GIF Keyboard and fun games for people to play, there's a lot to do in Messenger, and the future looks bright. That said, for all the features and communication capabilities that it offers, performance is a big issue for many devices, with other apps sometimes slowing to a crawl while Messenger or Chat Heads are active. It's a minor quibble that can be resolved by closing the app or swiping away the Chat Heads, but it deserves recognition and attention from developers.
Messenger is social network application for Android that features the faster way messaging Facebook friends while on the go.

With Messenger, you can reach friends right on your device, get and send messages fast, message everyone at once and more. You can message friends individually, group of friends or anyone in your mobile contacts. Aside from messaging, you can also map your location and make plans with groups on the go.

Messenger also sends notification automatically, so you’ll never miss a message.

Get Messenger now and get connected to your Facebook peers anytime, anywhere.

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