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About FS-UAE

Play your favorite old arcade games right on your Windows PC with FS-UAE.

FS-UAE is a free app for the Windows which is a Commodore Amiga computer system emulator that lets you play their games right on your PC.

With the app you may be able to play your old school retro games such as Super Frog, Another World, Defender of the Crown, Bubble Bobble, Dune II, Stunt Car Racer, Sensible world of Soccer, and so much more. The app offers you Joystick and gamepad support, it can emulate high-end Amiga games, you'll get access to the game data base, it is open sourced, and best of all they have a friendly community support to get answers if you're stuck.

Download the FS-UAE now and enjoy playing your favorite retro games again.

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