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Improved visuals, faster load and draw times, intuitive touch controls and skippable cutscenes are all well and good, but the beautiful game of Final Fantasy Tactics remains the star of the show here even many years after the PSP port, and an even longer span of time after the original PS version.
Return to the world of Ivalice in FINAL FANTASY TACTICS :WotL for iPad.

FINAL FANTASY TACTICS :WotL is an iOS port of the PSP game, in turn an enhanced handheld version of the classic PlayStation original. Set in the world of Ivalice, having just ended the "Fifty Years War," players follow the story of a Ramza, a noble-born mercenary, as he finds himself in the midst of a civil war brought about by a revolution of the commoners. Meanwhile, there is the looming threat of a demonic evil that has slowly begun to take over the world.

The iPhone version includes all of the enhancements over the original that the PSP version presented, like new scenarios and Jobs for soldiers. This port is now also controllable via touch interface, with rotation, panning, and zooming in and out of the game maps with sliding and pinching gestures. Loading times have also been greatly improved, and certain cutscenes can now be skipped as well. In addition to this, draw speeds are much faster now too, and all unit sprites have been remastered in high definition.

The game also now supports a save slot that will be synced to iCloud, which ensures that you save data will never be lost, and also allows for migration across multiple devices.

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