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Express Invoice completes the circuit of invoicing systems by offering invoices, reports, and payments tracking and management all from one elegant application. Reliable, automatic emailing of customers with overdue payments is a huge bonus over other tools that only have offline or network management, and integration with NCH's excellent Inventoria software means that you could have a complete tracking system really easily with the right combination of tools.
Express Invoice is a powerful and easy-to-use system for managing and tracking your billing details on your Windows PC.

Express Invoice helps you manage your customer invoices and payments, as well as create quotes and orders and keep track of accounts and sales performance. It features an an easy to use and simple user interface where you can create, manage, print, and store your invoices and receipts.

The software features three main areas of operation: Invoices, Payments, and Reports. Invoices can be customized with logo, header text, and more options. Payments can be tracked, and customers can be emailed automatically when overdue payments are detected. Detailed reports for accounting, performance of salespeople, unpaid invoices, and more can be generated on the fly.

Managers can access the interface from the internet, providing productivity on the go, whether over a desktop browser or even a mobile device like an iPhone or Android device.

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