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Evernote is a tremendously useful app that revolutionizes every aspect of note-taking, from division into notebooks and real-time synchronization to easy sharing, multimedia attachments, and a wide variety of note formats to use. The app has been somewhat crippled lately due to new restrictions on free tier accounts, but it remains a powerful ally in a hectic world that demands time management and organization of thoughts.
Take down notes wherever you are and organize them in the cloud with Evernote.

helps you take down and remember anything, in any form that you need, whether it's text notes, snapshots, recordings, clippings from web pages, and more. Evernote also allows you to create notes from images you take. Comment on camera scans of documents, handwritten notes, sketches, and more. You can even attach other content to your notes, such as PDFs, Office documents, and other images.

You'll be able to quickly access and organize your notes and to-do lists, whether by theme or by project, and you can also search through all of your notes with a powerful search tool. With Evernote, you'll be able to track your life with a single app, and share your notebooks easily with anyone you need to.

All of your notebooks are automatically synced across all devices as you add to them, and you can access them with any device that also uses Evernote. With Evernote Premium, you'll get offline access to your notes, bigger capacity for file uploads, more devices to use simultaneously, and even import your emails to Evernote.

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