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Eraser works quickly even with the most secure of methods that it applies - and even this is overkill. The software's intuitive drag-and-drop interface is also a big plus for usage, while integration in the context menu makes things even easier. Its support for secure drive wiping and scheduling are more for power users, but that doesn't mean it skimps on the rest for amateurs who just want their data secure. Effective, easy to use, and secure.
Olle Axelsson’s Eraser is a free security tool for computers running Windows that makes sure that deleted data is permanently erased from the hard drive.

Files deleted by your OS never fully go away - they're just removed from the list of files on your hard drive, and may still be present physically on the drive itself. They'll remain there, accessible through recovery software, until they're overwritten. With Eraser, you can be assured that your deleted files stay that way, as it provides a number of ways for you to surely and securely delete data.

Eraser overwrites your deleted data several times on your hard drive with selectable data patterns. The more passes it runs, the less chance there is of data being recovered, even with specialized equipment.

Eraser can work with individual files, folders, and previously deleted items. It even offers secure erasure of entire disk drives. The software also features a highly flexible scheduler you can use to run it at any time you need.

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