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Endless Alphabet is easy to use for children, and by demonstrating definitions through cute and memorable animations, effectively educates them on the meanings of new words without making it seem like learnging. It would be a great recommendation if not for the somewhat questionable practice of servings ads to young children.
Get your children to learn new words effectively through memorable interactive games and puzzles with Endless Alphabet for Android.

Endless Alphabet
is an educational app that lets kids have fun learning new words. The app uses cute little monsters, animated definitions, and puzzles to instruct children on the meanings of new words, through fun and games. Through this fun, involved method of instruction, Endless Alphabet ensures that children not only remember the meanings of the words they learn, but also how to use them fluently. The game emphasizes fun, allowing children to learn at their own pace without stress or time pressure, as it features no high scores, failures, or limits.

The app features over 100 words to learn, word games that teach letters, and colorful visuals. 7 of the words are available in the free version, and a one-time purchase will unlock the entire roster.

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