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About Election Year Knockout

Win the election inside the ring in Election Year Knockout for iPhone.

People have often said that the elections are like fights. It can get ugly, brutal and unpredictable like actual combat sports are. Election Year Knockout is an arcade game where elections are fought in a boxing ring and to win, you must knock out the other candidates right in your device.

Beat up other candidates like Birdie Sanders, Uncle Joe and Jab Bush with uppercuts, jabs and haymakers. Each opponent has their own strengths and weaknesses. After defeating through a myriad of candidates, you have topple the leader of the nation in Donald Thump.

This game also features funny cutscenes and political jokes sprinkled all over. There are aslo optional bonus missions, powerful boosts and that you can customize your fighter in terms of hairstyle, hair color, skin color and gender.

There are also many boxing attire to choose from as well.

Take the elections to the ring in Election Year Knockout for iPhone.

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