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About Ecosia

Use a search engine and help fight climate change in Ecosia for iPhone.

There are many ways to fight climate change, end deforestation and preserve the enviroment. One of those ways is to support and use programs that makes it its mission to do its part like Ecosia for iPhone.

This is like any search engine but has a purpose. The profit from the searches be used to finance reforestation programs and help communities grow. Each search equals to around 1 kg of CO2 being removed from the atmosphere. The place where the app does it searches, it is powered by its own solar plant too.

As a search engine, it doesn't save your searches, tracks the sites you visit, sell data to advertisers and that the searches are protected by SSL-encrypted.

Do your own in a small way to plant trees and help save the planet by doing your searches with Ecosia for iPhone.

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