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About Eternity Warriors

Eternity Warriors is a free game app for Android that features real-time melee action gameplay in full 3D graphics.

Eternity Warriors is an epic action game set in the fictional in Northern Udar, where a powerful new Demon emerges under the command of the evil Demon King Kilic. The game puts its players at the shoes of the sword wielding warrior, along with his group of allies, in a quest to defeat the Dark Lord’s minions at the powerful demon.

The game features an immersive fast-pace melee action, with an amazing variety of attacks and devastating special moves and combos to take out the hoards of enemies. It also has an array of items, upgradeable weapons, armor and power ups to buff the player character into a sword wielding war machine.

Eternity Warriors
players can also connect to their clan member on Facebook and game center.

Overall, Eternity Warriors boast some the latest game aesthetics and concept for a melee action game, enough to make an appeal for the fans of the genre as well as the casual gamers for Android devices.

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