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ENYO's fascinating indirect combat system is a fresh shot of innovation for the turn-based tactical strategy genre. The strategic depth offered by its relatively few possible actions makes for great interplay of maneuvering and combo-chaining, while the roguelike mechanics ensure that no two challenges will ever be alike.
Travel through a shifting maze and defeat your enemies in ENYO for the iPhone.

As Enyo, the Greek goddess of war, your task is to collect legendary artifacts from within a maze while using your hook to draw your enemies into dangerous traps. The game features a unique indirect combat system, in which you can't hurt your enemies with your weapon, but rather you can push or pull them into hazards like lava pits or into spiked walls.

ENYO features tactical turn-based gameplay with several actions available to you, as well as 3 game modes each with their separate leaderboards. Master a variety of weapons and unleash devastating combos through careful maneuvering.

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