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Dying Light is critically a game about scavenging, and resources are often hard to come by. Dying Light Companion makes it slightly easier for almost no extra time at all by giving you a tiny, stripped down management-type game that is rewarding without being too much of a burden. It's not extremely deep or interesting, but it helps you look forward to the actual game while you're out and about.
Manage your survivors in Dying Light right from the palm of your hand with Dying Light Companion.

Dying Light Companion links you up with the console and PC game, Dying Light, allowing you to manage your team of Scouts as they go on dangerous missions to secure supplies.

The app allows you to send your Scouts out on missions, as well as recruit new members for your team. Choose the right people for the job, and you'll get what you need - otherwise, you might just end up with more zombies.

All the items found in the Android app can be transferred to the console game. All you need to do is sign up for an account in-game, and sign in onto the mobile app.

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