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About Dreamwalker

Play an enigmatic hidden-puzzle game on your iPhone with Dreamwalker.

Dreamwalker is a free game app for iPhone which lets you play as a paranormal psychiatrist that is tasked to help the people of a small town as they suffer from a severe sleep disorder giving them vivid nightmares.

You are an expert in the paranormal psychiatry and touted to be able to enter and traverse people’s subconscious minds – a Dreamwalker. That's why you are in this town after a mayor asked for help with their own daughter after she fell into a coma.

Explore the town, interview the people, search for clues and find hidden objects on several locations. Interact with objects, solve small random puzzles, get the clues and try to piece them all together.

Download the Dreamwalker and bring back the sanity of the people from the small town and save the mayor's daughter.

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