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DragonBox is an excellently crafted puzzle game that manages to capture children's attention while being challenging enough to actually translate into real education. The gentle transition from game to learning tool represents a near-perfect learning curve, with the difficulty scaling up just as the player has mastered previous concepts and can apply them to algebraic problems.
Teach children the fundamentals of algebra through fun games with DragonBox Algebra 5+ for iPhone.

Kids can be picky. And just like with food, you often need to hide the learning process behind a layer of fun. DragonBox Algebra 5+ may have the look and feel of a game, but it's actually a learning tool to teach algebra to kids right from your iPhone.

As children master the concepts, the difficulty ramps up, and cards transform into numbers and variables and other familiar algebraic ideas, which will have children transitioning into traditional algebra while still enjoying themselves.

Optimized for children 5 years old and above, DragonBox Algebra 5+ teaches the algebraic concepts of addition, division, and multiplication, through a revolutionary card-based board game that involves isolating the DragonBox on one side of a board. Over time, cards transform into numbers and variables like x and y, conferring knowledge of algebra while still maintaining the heart of a fun board game.
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