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About DragonBox Algebra 12+

Easy math learning for teens with DragonBox Algebra 12+ for Android.

DragonBox Algebra 12+ is a paid app for Android which offers teens a way to learn and gain confidence in mathematics and algebra.

The app gives the teens a better way to understand the math relationships between objects and math that will give them a better idea of what is math all about. It also introduces playful techniques and color elements on math solving, focuses on discovery and experimentation where teens  can learn and at the same time enjoy and appreciate math more. Lastly, the app lets the user learn at their own pace and lessons are introduced gradually.

The app features 20 progressive chapters, hundreds of puzzles, multiple profiles for easy progress control, music and graphics, and basic algebraic rules which the teen can experiment with.

Download the DragonBox Algebra 12+ and lets the teens learn the fun way.

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