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About Dragamonz AR Battle

The hybrid between toys and trading cards is Dragamonz AR Battle for iPhone.

Dragamonz is a popular series of toys where kids can collect and have fun. Now, they can see their favorites bought to life in Dragamonz AR Battle for iPhone.

Promising to have action, excitement and adventure, this app smashes your way to see your dragons in augmented reality. These toys come first as eggs that you need to smash open. And once you have opened an egg that reveals a half animal, half dragon creature, it comes with a trading card.

That card can be used in a battling card game or this app. Just scan the card and have your own Dragon army. The more your scan, the bigger your army can be. Once you have your Dragamonz, you can equip it with a battle deck. You can also earn crystals and gold that can be used to redeem for food, battle cards or even more Dragamonz.

There are also tournaments for you to join.

Enjoy both the physical toys and the digital aspect of Dragamonz AR Battle for iPhone.
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