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Disk Drill takes all the best features of popular data recovery tools, and places them into a single easy-to-use but customizable application. Given that its most important functions are free, and are indeed highly effective at restoring backups, dead files, or other broken data, it's definitely a must-have for any Mac user with sensitive or critical information on their devices.
Disk Drill allows you to quickly and effectively recover files from your computer that have been deleted, or lost to file corruption, as well as manage your existing files with a variety of useful tools.

We are excited to share that our new version of Disk Drill 4 for Windows is finally out! Now file recover has become simpler, faster, and more efficient than ever.

With Disk Drill, you won't have to worry about lost files again. Got a deleted file on a phone, iPad, Android tablet, USB drive, camera, or your Mac's internal drive? Disk Drill can scan for it, even if the device has lost a partition or is even failing.

The software makes use of strong search algorithms to help you piece your files back together, with just a single click. File recovery is simple enough to be used by anyone, but highly customizable for even experts' needs.

Disk Drill also includes tools to help you manage your Mac's disk space, showing you a breakdown of what's using up your storage and helping you clean it up. It can even show duplicate files across different parts of your drive, and allow you to delete them.

It also monitors your drives for their health, and can report any problems or issues that may arise.

To protect your data, Disk Drill provides a variety of services. You can create a USB recovery tool that lets you boot from a USB flash drive to recover data, make use of a Recovery Vault to protect your most sensitive information, and even create complete backups of your system to be restored at a later date.

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