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Make dinnertime easy with Dinnerly Meal Kit for iPhone.

Cooking is fun. What is not fun is think on what to cook. There are days that you want something easy to make while some days you want to be a bit extravagant. Take the guesswork on what to have for dinner with Dinnerly Meal Kit for iPhone.

This app delivers easy and affordable meal kits right in your iPhone. Meal kits are a convenient as they can be pre-portioned and partially prepared food ingredients for you to cook, finish and serve. Aside from the meal kits, there is also a 5 step recipe cars to follow.

There are 6 recipes to choose from each week, can plan deliveries up to 8 weeks in advance, follow the recipes staright from app, rate recipes, access the library of past and current recipes and more.

Everything is prepared and shopped for you in this app for your dinners.

Cook a healthy and delicious dinner in 30 minutes with Dinnerly Meal Kit for iPhone. 

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