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About Dimension of Dreams

Embark on an adventure of combat in Dimension of Dreams for iPhone.

A card game that takes you on an adventure in a dream world and engage in thrilling combat is Dimension of Dreams for iPhone.

This is more than a card game for mobile as it has rogue like elements. Get to have cards that you can use not just for exploring but also for battles. You must be also strategic with over more than 260 cards that can be expanded up to 400, 50 relics to mix and match with the cards, 6 adventurers with each their own personalities, skills and cards, 60 bosses and monsters to face and 5 dream worlds to explore.

There are random events to experience and if you have cleared a stage, you can unlock awakening skins.

Explore different worlds in this game.

Get this game for $0.99.

There are dreams and worlds to conquer in Dimension of Dreams for iPhone.

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