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With cloud sync through Google and other services, diary and event planning, and multiple calendar views, DigiCal meets the cutthroat calendar app competition with all of the popular and important features in an intuitive package. The app really shines however in its customizability, with several themes for the main app and multiple themed widgets that support a variety of views.
Spice up calendar planning and viewing with DigiCal Calendar for Android.

DigiCal provides a diary, planner and organizer to users in a stylish, customizable package. The app features 7 calendar views, with various selectable themes that include Material Design-inspired calendars and low-light modes. Users can easily switch among the views, and even intuitively zoom in onto weekly and daily views from larger monthly and yearly views.

The app allows for synchronization with Google Calendar, Outlook, and Exchange, and helps you add places with Google AutoComplete, as well as perform location-based searches to easily add locations and venues to your events.

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