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Make graphs with Desmos Graphing Calculator for iPhone.

Math is more enjoyable and accessible when you get to learn by doing the equations. Desmos Graphing Calculator is that app for your iPhone. This app promotes universal math literacy as it is a graphing calculator that you can use just by tying with your fingers.

This is the next generation of graphing calculators that is also has a blazing fast math engine for iPhone. It can plot any equation, parabolas and lines, derivatives and Fourier series. It is intuitive and beautiful to use with sliders.

You can plot parametric, polar and cartesian graphs, use sliders to adjust values, tables, statistics, zooming, points of interests and more.

The app is also a scientific calculator that can handle absolute value, square roots, logs among others, Calculus too can be handled with ease with exploring key concepts and secant and tangent line sliders.

You can calculate offline with this app.

Love to calculate math with Desmos Graphing Calculator for iPhone.  

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