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About Death Rover

Play a fun space zombie survival game on your Android with Death Rover.

Death Rover is a free game app for Android which is an arcade zombie survival game in the far future where humanity began colonizing distant planets.

The game app sports side scrolling action packed game where you try to control a space land-craft that you will have to drive around the planet and explore the vast maps. Then encounter numerous kinds of zombies that will try to stop you from fulfilling your tasks and so you must try to destroy them along the way. Crash into them and crush them under your vehicles or shoot them, down with your mounted weapons.

The game offers you a destructible environment, many types of cars to ride, upgradable crafts, 2D graphics and pixel art style, with an exciting storyline and with a variety of levels.

Download Death Rover and eliminate the threat of the undead on your human colony.

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