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About Death Road to Canada

The last bastion of humanity is in Canada in Death Road to Canada for iPhone.

Canada: People has called it many names and is the butt of jokes but in Death Road to Canada, it is the last bastion for humankind to go through during a zombie apocalypse. This is a randomly generated action RPG where you and a group of people take a road trip towards Canada while facing hordes of zombies, exploring cities, finding other weird people and more.

Nothing is set in this game as all are randomized like locations, survivor personalities, skills, events among others. You must also make the tough choices in the game that concerns your group.

The game also features a Character Maker, secret events to uncover, use various weapons like Mjolnir, a boomerang, a flamethrower, hockey stick wizard staff and more. There is also a realistic, computer generated airhorn sounds in the game.

The game is filled with Canadian jokes written by a real Canadian. Get it for $13.99.

Save humankind by going to Canada in Death Road to Canada for iPhone.

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