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In a cutthroat world of free weather apps that offer plenty of similar functionality, the $3.99 Dark Sky holds out on its own with its signature feature of minute-by-minute precipitation alerts, and a beautifully-rendered, smooth radar animation of storms in the area. Its customizable push notifications are a huge feature to consider as well, giving you exactly the information you need at any time while filtering out less useful data.
Get accurate precipitation alerts and forecasts on your iPhone with Dark Sky.

Dark Sky
provides you with highly weather forecasts at your exact location, using your iPhone's GPS to get your position and tell you when rain or snow will fall in your area within the next hour. You'll also get hourly forecasts for the rest of the day and week.

Where other apps show choppy slideshows and chunky animations for their animated weather maps, Dark Sky provides an amazingly smooth radar animation experience that details the actual path of a storm moving across an area. The app also gives you push notifications for severe weather alerts, incoming rains, and even custom notifications for temperature, wind, precipitation, and more, helping you stay on top of any weather disturbance.

Dark Sky
features a widget that can show you the hourly weather, so you can get at-a-glance weather updates without having to unlock your phone. It also works with the Apple Watch, giving notifications and weather updates on your wrist.

Get this app for $3.99.

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