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About Dance Reality

Learn to dance with Dance Reality for iPhone.

If you have 2 left feet but would love to hit the dance floor, you must first learn hoe to dance and practice it with Dance Reality for iPhone.

Dancing takes timing, precision and the attitude to the max as shown in this app. Using augmented reality technology of Apple, the ARkit, this app places footprints on the floor in front of you. These footprints will guide you to dance. just look through your phone to place your feet in the footprints and try to follow the animation in its dance patterns.

You get to control the speed, counting voiceovers, solo and couple practice, choose between Follow or Lead steps, various dance styles like salsa, hip-hop, waltz, bachata and more and music for various styles to practice in.

There are also instructional videos from professional dancers featured in this app. Virtual instructors appear directly in your environment to teach you, adaptive learning based on your feedback, animated footprints and more.

Take a virtual dance teacher in Dance Reality for iPhone. 

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