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DOSBox runs amazingly, has great compatibility, and comes with so many features that you'll pretty much be hard-pressed to find something that won't work with it. You'll need something of a hefty PC to run more advanced games, though, and the true command-line DOS interface isn't the most intuitive at all, nor is the laundry list of configuration options that some games might need. But get past the learning curve and you have the pretty much the best way to play DOS games.
Run old DOS-based applications and games on modern computers with DOSBox.

Some older games and software require DOS, along with a variety of ancient hardware devices that may no longer be usable with modern PCs. DOSBox emulates an IBM PC running the MS-DOS operating system, as well as the necessary hardware, to allow you to run older games and applications without a hitch.

DOSBox allows you to make use of virtual hard drives, mount ISOs to virtual CD-ROM drives, cast and capture your emulated display, and many other quality of life features to make running your games easier than ever. It also emulates realmode and protected mode, which are required by many programs, as well as Tandy, CGA/EGA/VGA/VESA graphics and SoundBlaster or Gravis audio devices to preserve compatibility with certain games. It also works with joypads, emulated MIDI, and even peer-to-peer networking.

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