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Simplify the way you use your Android device with DIMPLE.IO.

Cellphones used to be so  much hassle free as there are only a handful of physical buttons to press to call, to text and take a picture. Now, one button is not enough to get where you want to be in your device. Bring back the simplicity of doing things in your phone with DIMPLE.IO. In order to use this app, you need to have the Dimple, a small sticker thing that you place on the back of your phone or tablet. It has 2-4 buttons depending on your preference. This sticker lets you add custom hardware buttons using the NFC tech in your device. The app on the other hand, is used to control the sticker device in your phone and making sure the buttons work as they are assigned to.

Control the device to control your phone with this app.

A concept to help simplify the use your phone with DIMPLE.IO for Android.

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