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DDVIP's penetration remains somewhat scarce, with only a few bars and restaurants actually providing rewards and offers in the state of California, and even with some of these not quite understanding how the app's promotions functions. When it does work, however, it certainly is rewarding. And even if it doesn't, well, the quick ridesharing service call function is always helpful.
Be rewarded as the designated driver with DDVIP for the iPhone.

DDVIP makes being a designated sober driver a lot more interesting than downing flavored drinks or water with your drunk friends.. With this app, you can get exclusive offers and discounts at select bars and restaurants that only apply to designated drivers.

The app provides you with a map that shows participating locations near you. It also allows you to search all participating restaurants and bars. These places might offer deals and discounts that you can use via the app designed for designated drivers. And if you decide to renege on your duty as a designated driver fail, you can use this app to easily call for a ride from Uber, Curb or Lyft.

You can also check out the latest DDVIP updates, and see what other users in the community are saying and doing.

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