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Bring your business idea to life with DBB Tools for iPhone.

It all starts with an idea, a vision and a plan. when you have a killer business idea, one that you believe will be the next big thing on the market, DBB Tools beings all the tools you need to showcase your idea and make it into a reality.

This app brings more than 20 tools including the Business Model Canvas, Experimental Canvas, Value Proposition, Design Criteria Canvas, Team Charter and more from Design A Better Business program right in your iPhone. These are all canvases for your business idea to bring it to life and in order to impress potential investors and partners. The app also has step by step guides to help you use any specific canvas in the app.

You can add them to your PowerPoint or Keynote presentations as well.

Show your business idea with this app.

Get this app for $3.99.

Take your business idea with DBB Tools for iPhone.

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