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About Cycle Companion Pro

Cycle at home with Cycle Companion Pro for iPhone.

Indoor cycling may not have the same fun as riding an actual bike outdoors. But it has the same health benefits and is more convenient when it is raining or not having to deal with traffic or in a gym.

Cycle Companion Pro
is app that you use when your indoor cycling. You get to choose from a selection of various training programs where you can change the intensity and music as you cycle. You can match the intensity of your cycling with the playlist from your library.

The screen in the a app will display the time remaining in the program as well as time left in the current selection. Each training session is logged automatically into your history, has Airplay support, an editor for building your own training program.

Cycle indoors with this app.

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Pedal your way from your home with Cycle Companion Pro for iPhone.

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