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Cryptocat differs enough from the usual ways of chatting to become something of a nuisance to learn. This does not at all say anything about how effective its messaging security is, which has been well-verified, as well as its setup, which is just as easy as anything else, or even its open-source nature which has been audited all over the place. But having to learn how to use Cryptocat again just to chat may be something of a chore. Used in conjunction with Facebook, you still get encrypted messages but this time it's easier to figure things out.
Chat securely and privately with your friends using Cryptocat.

In an interconnected world where everyone is watching - not just malicious hackers but even the government - privacy and security of your communication is more important than ever. With Cryptocat, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your messages are completely secure and encrypted, from sending to receiving.

With Cryptocat, all messages are encrypted by default, and are "Forward Secure," meaning they can't be decrypted even if your keys are stolen. One Cryptocat account across multiple devices will be able to receive your "Forward Secure" messages even when you're offline.

You'll also be able to share files - also encrypted- with your friends. Coming soon to Cryptocat is the ability to participate in group chats of several people at once.

Cryptocat is cross-platform, available on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Its code is completely open-source and transparent, allowing anyone to review and verify the quality of its security.

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