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CryptoPrevent supplements traditional anti-malware software without intruding on its functionality, and won't even affect your system performance. At the low, low cost of FREE, it's a no-brainer to have this layer of protection against attacks that could potentially cost thousands, as well as much grief.
Prevent ransomware from infecting your PC and preventing access to your files with CryptoPrevent.

"Ransomware" is some of the scariest malware to come out of the malicious minds of hackers. Imagine finding your most important documents, multimedia, and programs being rendered inaccessible, and having to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to shady websites just to have them restored.

With CryptoPrevent, you'll get protection from some of the most dangerous ransomware out there, including CryptoLocker, as well as a variety of other malware types.

This software features a definitions-based protection system, 200 policy rules, protection from fake file extensions, manual updating, an Event Viewer, and many more.

CryptoPrevent is free for personal use, and will effectively defend you from ransomware infection. With paid Premium and other licenses, you can get automatic updates, email alerts when the software blocks an application, PC maintenance, and more.
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