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Chivalry on the battlefield in Crusader Kings: Chronicles for iPhone.

In the middle of the battle between the Scots and the Brits, lies your story in Crusader Kings: Chronicles for iPhone. Retold through the words of author M.Harold Page, this is an interactive, text based game where chivalry is skin deep and honor is fought in swords and blood. You must try to save your inheritance, your castle and your life from forces who wants to take them away from you. Try to be cunning and appeal to their senses or fight with bravado, those are just some of the many choices you must make in this game.

You might need to have a Paradox account in order to play this game for you to avail cross ownership functionalities. You can get this game for $4.99.

Be the knight of the sword or of the mind in Crusader Kings: Chronicles for iPhone.  

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