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Criminal Case is a fun take on the hidden object game, with plenty of detective-themed features and minigames centered around genuinely interesting cases. It's actually interesting to watch the cases play out as you progress through them, with the clues and killer profiles coming together at the end in a satisfying way. The main negative concern with the game is its use of the much-maligned energy bar. If you're left without any energy-replenishing items when you run out in the middle of the case, you'll be forced to wait until your bar refills, destroying the pacing and buildup that the game works hard to provide, and almost demanding in-app purchases due to this. Overall though, the game is fun and atmospheric with great mechanics.
Solve mysteries by finding hidden objects in the Facebook game Criminal Case, by Pretty Simple.

Criminal Case is a free game for Facebook which lets you solve a series of criminal cases by finding clues. Along the way, you have to interview subjects, carefully analyze evidence, and ultimately use everything you've learned about the criminal's profile to catch them.

Forensic minigames and puzzles will occasionally come up which can help you in solving the crimes. You can also buy police dogs to aid you in your case in different ways, such as adding energy, instantly finding bonuses, and more.

Criminal Case features over many cases, with various stars to earn in each case. An energy bar that regenerates in real time is used to investigate crime scenes, and it can be refilled with food items like burgers and chips.

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