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Cozi's collaborative features are so extensive and easy to use that they could very well be reskinned variants of more advanced collaborate workflow apps like Todoist, though obviously streamlined and thinned out to make them more appropriate for families. Still, the sheer number of things you can do and how well the app allows you to do them makes for a great family planner experience unparalleled except by other apps that are intended for more serious work.
Organize and collaborate on your family affairs with Cozi Family Organizer.

With Cozi Family Organizer, you'll be able to organize all of your family needs from a single app. The app works as a shopping list, to-do-list, recipe box, photo store, event tracker for anniversaries, birthdays and appointments, and many more, all of which are available for everyone in the family to view, edit, and collaborate on.

Each tool offered by Cozi Family Organizer has specific features that allow for extensive collaboration. The family calendar can show color-coded schedules for each person, and appointments can be added and edited in real time that will be visible to everyone. Family journals allow anyone to add moments and post photos for everyone to see. There's something for every need, and Cozi has you covered for it.

Cozi Family Organizer
is free to use with ads. Buying Cozi Premium removes ads, and also provides new features like a shared Contacts list, a Birthday Tracker, a mobile month view, change notifications, and more.

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