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Fascinating, unique, and addictive, Concrete Jungle's premise may seem shallow on the surface - how many more card-based games do we need? - but its city-building and puzzle heritage all work together to make a game that genuinely feels like a city sim, despite its vastly different trappings and gameplay.
Use cards to build your city in Concrete Jungle for iPhone.

Where traditional city-building sims often throw intense micromanagement features, Concrete Jungle is a more casual affair that deals in cards and puzzles rather than roads and taxes.

The game provides you with a deck of cards, with every card representing what you can build, and whatever is dealt to you will be what you place. Each building has different effects on surrounding lots.

The challenge is making enough points from your citizens to clear lots and blocks on which you build your city. You also have to make zoning requirements to build better and more efficiently. As the city grows, you'll be get more cards to play and build with, totaling over 230 cards that you can acquire over the course of normal gameplay.

Venture into the fully voice-acted story mode and pick from one of 8 characters, each of whom has their own style. You can also fight the AI in versus mode, play cooperatively or competitively with real players, and much more in Concrete Jungle.

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