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ComputerTime is a parental control utility that assist the parents in making sure that their children use the computer wisely. It also has the functionality to limit access rights of the child.

consists Service Admin Tool, a utility that allows you to configure the computer usage and create user accounts for each child. It also includes Monitor, a service that runs automatically when you start the computer. It manages the limits you set in relation to computer use.

incorporates a time limit per day, week or month, and time of day setting parameters, the duration of a session and can set different limits for weekdays and weekends .

On the other hand, it includes a limited lifetime of the PC by the child, gives the opportunity to review the history of the PC and provides access to different levels of restrictions for each user. Finally, it makes it possible to add a password, allows to set different limits for the holidays and make automatic updates.

ComputerTime offers as 14-day trial, after which you may activate with your product key.

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