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Incredible and attention to detail come with a commensurately incredible price in Complete Anatomy for the iPad. The beautiful, interactive 3D models make learning far more intuitive than any textbook could ever produce, and everything is well-designed and easy to read on the iPad. At this price, is it worth it? To the layperson without the real need to learn these things, perhaps not, but an academic or a student in this field will greatly appreciate the in-depth exploration of the human body. Yet the app accommodates both; the interface is easy to use, while included educational lectures by experts are designed for anyone of any knowledge level.
Explore the human body like you never have before with Complete Anatomy for the iPad.

Complete Anatomy provides a unique way of studying human anatomy right in your iPad. This educational app features over 6,200 anatomical structures across 12 bodily systems, all fully interactive. The app gives you highly detailed 3D male and female models, complete with seamless cutaways that show multiple layers; 3D cut and draw tools that let you instantly create cuts, spurs, fractures, and much more; 3D recordings with audio up to 3 minutes in length; premium layers for skeletal and muscular systems; visualizations of muscle articulation; and much more.

You can also explode and assemble the different structures, create multiple choice quizzes that you can share or answer one of the many that are available in the community, create groups that you can invite others to and share content in, and make use of Screens that feature the content you've made, to which you can attach a variety of notes.

Complete Anatomy also comes with Lectures that have been put together by experts in anatomy, making for learning experiences for anyone from beginners to specialists.

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